Art_IQ: Wolfgang Waesch

Wolfgang Waesch, born 1945 in Lautenthal in the Harz Mountains, is an artist with a thoroughly fragile biography for, with and through art.


Numerous travels and working stays in Europe, Morocco, Algeria, West Africa, USA, Polynesia/South Sea, Peru and Mauritius created polyglot impressions, which today flow into his paintings.


Waesch is a master of delicate, small-format watercolors and etchings on paper or old book covers, and then again surprises us with counter-urban large surfaces, crude oil application of great intensity and pictorial depth.


He describes his encounters with artists like Corneille, member of the Dutch Groups Reflex- and CoBra, also with Howard Kanovitz or the great Italian autodidact Mario Merz.




Additional References

  • Eggeling
  • Referenz 3


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