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Birgit Kahle develops communication strategies for consumer goods and natural persons. With training in journalism, marketing and public affairs, she is also the author of 13 non-fiction and cookery books and cultivates a private fondness for politics, art and Cuban culture. In 1998 she founded txt_IQ and established it as family brand for her units brand_IQ, food_IQ and art_IQ. For 13 years Birgit Kahle did corporate communications for Vandemoortele, a Belgium-based European food producer. From 2016 focus has been on sustainable development of both, goods and society. Birgit Kahle advises companies and people with a high level of socio-political expertise, which she aims to live up to as an author and journalist.





Public Relations


Marketing allrounder with a global expertise in first-class cuisine, hotels and restaurants.
We are linked via various projects and joint-publications and remain united in the belief that there is no better world than ours.









Part-time hermit with Irish background. Eike Birck studied at the University College Cork and loves to travel. For a healthy balance she enjoys stays at home with her loved one, nature, her cat and our texts alone. Which requires a new definition of "alone".